IoT meets Sycor.Rental & Sycor.Service

Everyone is talking about digitalization and exploring the opportunities it offers. These range from expanding the local Internet bandwidth to eliminating paper-based business processes to the innovation of entire business models

In view of the digital transformation, we asked ourselves what potential the new technologies have for our industry solutions Sycor.Rental and Sycor.Service. How can we help our customers lower their costs, generate higher sales, or add value for themselves and their clients? The answer was readily apparent: Both in the rental industry and the service sector, one often deals with mobile or production machines, equipment, or systems. So the task was to connect these to Microsoft's cloud-based IoT frameworks and put their data to use.
Now we collect data from sensors or onboard units in the Microsoft IoT Hub or IoT Central Framework. There we can set up specific monitoring according to the type of device/system. For example, the oil temperature spread for a machine can be defined and deviations above or below a "normal range" can be detected accordingly. Thus the machines, devices, or systems can be monitored directly in the cloud, outside of ERP systems. Various events can also be visualized and different actions initiated as well. When a certain temperature is exceeded for example, an e-mail can be sent to a customer contact person or the service team, or processes can even be launched directly in the ERP system.

Naturally the resulting data volumes quickly grow very large and should not all be stored in the ERP system. Thus the key is that select data are imported in what is called the Sycor.Rental and Sycor.Service Notification Center for case-specific and partly automated further processing, and displayed in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Workspace.
Depending on the type of event, this makes it possible to generate the required ad-hoc measures such as repair orders or less urgent activities (ticket or service order) and send out notifications. Predictive maintenance is established through the intelligent combination of the service intervals stored in Sycor.Rental or Sycor.Service with the IoT data. The ultimate goal is to reduce downtime, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
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