Connect Mobile Devices to Your Online Shop

You address end users or business customers directly, for example using advertising campaigns, direct mailings, flyers or posters about current product launches or price promotions. With a QR code integrated in these measures, the Sycor.MobileApp establishes the link to your online shop. Your customers can obtain further information about the promoted product quickly, or place an order immediately in comfort and security from their iPhone or Android.

With the Sycor.MobileApp, you can convert your marketing promotions directly into sales. You can also make other scenarios available to your B2B customers on mobile devices: for example, they can check your stock levels and fill a shopping cart on their mobile device via a QR code, submitting an order in your online shop directly or after completing it on the PC. You therefore offer time-saving functions on mobile devices for your business customers.

The Sycor.MobileApp – easy handling, process security

For customers who already have an account for your online shop, the Sycor.MobileApp is a straightforward and easy-to use ordering option. Once the app has been loaded and installed from the App Store, customers merely have to scan the QR code from a marketing promotion or product – immediately making further information available on their mobile device. With their normal online shop login information, your customers can log in easily and securely to the shop and process their orders on their mobile device. Following the convenient ordering process, order tracking is available for the products ordered through the online shop. Your customers log in as desired and find all information under 'MyAccount'.

Your advantages:

  • Improving the accessibility of your classic sales offering
  • Implementation of new transactions
  • Generation of touch points
  • State-of-the-art user experience

You want to link your online shop to print marketing campaigns? Or would you like to offer other mobile scenarios to your customers? Please contact us!

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