For the evaluation of shop visitor surfing behavior

Do you know what your customers really want? Do you know what customers expect from an online shop and what should be improved in your online shop?

With Sycor.Analytics, you gain insight into the surfing and usage behavior of visitors to your shop, simultaneously providing you with an opportunity to proactively uncover optimization potential. Are there products that customers look at very often without ordering them? Are there advertising banners in your online shop that customers do not click?

See your shop through the eyes of your customers in anonymously recorded sessions and gain insight into what your customers perceive and what they do not. In addition, take advantage of classic analysis tools such as heat maps, click paths, exit and entry page analysis and information about the user dwell time on specific pages.

Establish a qualified basis in order to use your budget for changes and optimization in your shop to the best possible advantage, improving satisfaction and boosting sales in the future.

Your advantages:

  • Anonymized recording of customer sessions
  • Campaign definition
  • Ability to perform A/B tests
  • Compliance with German data privacy laws

Sycor.WebAnalytics is available for SAP E-Commerce, SAP Web Channel 7.0, SAP Web Channel Experience Management and SAP Hybris Commerce accelerators. Don't hesitate, start today and talk to us. We are happy to advise you.

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