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Make your online shop available anywhere – even without network access

Make your SAP Hybris online shop offline-capable with the Sycor solution Sycor.OfflineAccelerator for SAP Hybris Commerce. This allows your customers and representatives to surf your online shop even with no or very little network bandwidth – for example on board an airplane, in the subway, or out in the country.

The system is simple: all pages already viewed online are automatically stored and can be displayed again offline. Alternatively the customer with a "synchronization" button can synchronize the entire online shop in the browser in order to continue using it later when there is little or no bandwidth. If a low bandwidth is available, only the current prices are loaded over the Internet, resulting in a fast surfing experience.

In case of fully offline use, the prices at the time of the last synchronization are shown. Yet the user can browse the online shop as usual and place items into the shopping basket. Once the user is online again, an overview of the shopping basket with the updated prices is provided. The user can change the order accordingly or place it directly.

A local search can be implemented as well. This for example allows the user to search for a specific item offline in past orders.

Your benefits with the Sycor.OfflineAccelerator

  • 100% availability of your online shop, even without network access
  • Convenient and fast navigation even with little or no network bandwidth
  • No app installation needed
  • Overview of items in the shopping basket and their current prices as soon as the device gets online again
  • Local search can be implemented on request

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