Göttingen - 11/30/16

Good news: YaaS now available in Germany too!

Last week, SAP announced that SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS) is now also available in Germany. This is great news, as YaaS offers progressive opportunities for implementing SAP Hybris projects.


What is YaaS?

SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS) is a platform that can efficiently expand existing and projected e-business solutions using suitable apps. YaaS is thus comparable to application platforms such as iTunes or Google Play which easily extend smartphone functionality. Going forward, one can expect that convenient features found in webshops and other applications, such as address validation, will be made available as services in YaaS. This would provide users with proven services and accurate estimations of costs in advance.

24/7 availability and cost optimization

The benefits of YaaS are self-evident: Certain features missing from the webshop can be integrated with relative ease. The services are directly implemented by SAP (Hybris) or other providers, who are also responsible for the smooth operation and availability of these services. Furthermore, YaaS is quite attractive from a financial perspective: services are billed according to usage and are free to a certain allotment, afterwhich they are charged per use.

Expanding range of services

There are approximately 30 different services currently available on YaaS, from the optimized Check-out Service and Customer Journey Manager to Emailing. Interestingly, the SAP Partner Community is working on additional YaaS services to be released in the foreseeable future. Sycor is also developing YaaS services that will most definitely be available on the platform soon.

By the way, these apps are not only available within the SAP Hybris world – the YaaS open interfaces offer access to in-house developments and other software solutions as well.

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