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Groupe Casino now using the Sycor.ContentPack

French retail group Groupe Casino is now using the Sycor.ContentPack for quick and easy maintenance of editorial content in its complex SAP B2C web shop environment.


With 29 billion euros in revenue, 11,663 stores and 230,000 employees worldwide in 2010, Groupe Casino is France's leading retail group. The corporation generated roughly one billion euros in e-commerce sales through its Cdiscount subsidiary. The Groupe Casino, which is leader in non-food e-commerce, aims also at becoming the leader in food e-commerce. This business is based on a SAP® CRM and SAP® ERP system and the products and catalogs can be quickly published or changed. All other editorial content, such as on the home page or the masthead, is implemented statically on the pages of the web shop. Changing this content requires time and effort as well as e-commerce programming skills.

"We wanted to reduce the amount of work it took to maintain editorial content in our large web shop environment, so we started looking for a solution," says Pascal Stein, Director of SAP Support at Casino, describing the initial situation. "We finally chose the Sycor.ContentPack, and it was the perfect solution for us." With the Sycor.ContentPack, editorial content on the pages of a SAP E-Commerce B2C store can be changed using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, without the need for special programming skills. Content is maintained directly on the pages of the store (in-place editing) and permanently stored in the SAP backend.

The Sycor.ContentPack also offers standard CMS features that let you insert text, links and images, use Flash applications and tables and assign publication periods, etc. The maintenance of content is controlled via an authorization concept. "What really won us over with Sycor.ContentPack was that it's fast and easy to use, requires no knowledge of HTML and has multi-user capabilities," continues Pascal Stein. In addition to the solution, the consultants and developers at SYCOR GmbH also implemented custom enhancements for Groupe Casino. The Göttingen-based team also helped Groupe Casino's e-commerce team optimize the performance and usability of the web shop environment using jquery and Ajax technology, and helped design a concept for meeting special e-commerce requirements.

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Groupe Casino - nutzt das Sycor.ContentPack

Groupe Casino


Headquarters: Saint-Etienne (head office), France
Industry: retail
Size of company: 230,000 employees, €29 billion in sales revenue (2010)
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