SAP Hybris online shop at Martin Braun KG

To offer even better service to its customers in the bakery trade, Martin Braun KG expanded its offering in the fall of 2017 with a SAP Hybris Commerce shop fully integrated into SAP ERP. Customers of the Dr. Oetker subsidiary have been able to order products, see an overview of all invoices, and save individual shopping carts in the new portal since the fall of 2017. This service is very well received: Many customers have registered on the portal after 6 months and are actively using it.

Martin Braun KG
Martin Braun KG is one of the leading companies in the baking ingredients sector: The name recognition of the company based in Hanover exceeds 90% within the bakery trade. Founded in 1931, the company supplies bakeries, confectioneries, ice cream parlors, and the restaurant industry with bakery improvers and essences. Previously orders were taken by the sales team via telephone or on site from the customer. This left hardly any time for sales to expand the business. The company's digitalization campaign aimed to change that: Martin Braun went looking for a suitable partner to support the company's digitalization plans. Sycor GmbH was chosen. "We found Sycor's extensive e-business expertise convincing. But our 'good feeling' was decisive – we knew that Sycor would be a good fit for us," says Jürgen Rosar, member of company management at Martin Braun KG, explaining the initial situation.  

Starting shot for the digital transformation

Jürgen Rosar, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung bei der Martin Braun KGSeamless integration of the new online shop into SAP ERP and its future viability were especially important for Martin Braun. "The requirements for our new solution were developed in cooperation with the experts at Sycor. We described our challenges and jointly considered how to best overcome them technically. This was very insightful," says Rosar. At the end of the workshop series, it was decided that a module for customer-specific campaign management and the Assisted Service module for sales representatives would be needed as part of the solution, in addition to the ERP integration. A link to SAP PLM was put on the list of requirements as well. The SAP Hybris team at Sycor began programming the new SAP Hybris Commerce solution based on these specifications. Martin Braun was able to present its new online shop to the public right on time for its presentation at Südback 2017, the leading trade fair for the bakery industry.  

A portal for all customer concerns

Martin Braun's customers have been able to order products, see an overview of all invoices, and save individual shopping carts in the new shop since the fall of 2017. The numbers speak for themselves: Many of the customers have registered on the portal after 6 months and are actively using it. It is striking to note that more than 50% of users made their online purchases using mobile devices in 2018. This means that Martin Braun KG with its online shop precisely met the needs of its customers, who check their inventory levels with the tablet or smartphone, and reorder the goods directly at the shelf. "We are very satisfied with our new solution. From project consulting to the go-live of our new online shop, working with Sycor was consistently positive. Our customers are enthusiastic about our new level of service as well," says Rosar in conclusion.


  • Better customer service and customer retention through a central point of contact
  • Campaign management and expanded promotion engine
  • Realization of upselling and cross-selling potential
  • Cost reduction in the sales organization

About the company:

Martin Braun KG

Martin Braun KG

Headquarters: Hanover, Germany

Industry: Foodstuffs and luxury foods

Services: Supplying bakeries, confectioneries, the restaurant industry, and ice cream parlors

Size of company: Over 400 employees


Project: Implementation of an online shop with full SAP ERP integration

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