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Sycor implements SAP online shop at MEI

Recently, Sycor implemented a B2B online shop landscape for MEI – the world's leading manufacturer of automated payment systems. The e-commerce site was built upon SAP’s Web Channel 7.0 for ERP. MEI will benefit from process optimization and its customers will experience a more user friendly online shop with this new state-of-the-art E-business platform.


"Our decision to have Sycor implement a B2B online shop based on SAP Web Channel 7.0 for ERP was precisely the right decision," comments Brian Turcich, project manager at MEI Group. “It was a very smooth Go-live. Sycor partnered with our internal team to implement the project, resulting in a state-of-the-art webshop for our customers to place sales orders, view inventory and track their orders. " MEI is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated payment systems, headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The company developed the first electronic coin mechanism in the 1960s, followed by the first electronic non-contact bill acceptor. Today, MEI electronic payment systems are used in over two billion transactions per week in more than 100 countries worldwide.

MEI searched  for an implementation partner who could enhance  their existing online shop, which was based on SAP E-Commerce 5.0.  MEI found the right fit with Sycor. After an initial workshop with the Sycor experts, there was more to come: the development and implementation of a new shop on the basis of SAP Web Channel 7.0, as a modern e-business platform for the future. "During  the implementation of the SAP online shop at MEI, we managed the whole thing: the consulting, analysis of requirements, development, project management and the SAP support. We rounded off our services by providing training in master-data management," explains Patrick Hey, who is in charge of E-Business Solutions, as a member of Sycor’s global management. In addition, Sycor also provided the consulting and services around the installation and setup of the landscape of the  IT infrastructure. "Through our office in Pittsburgh, we entered into a contract under US law, thus reducing the administrative project expenditure for MEI substantially," says Patrick Hey about the customer-friendly handling of the project.

MEI opted, as the basis of the project, for the SAP Tuning Pack, which, as a packaged solution, already contains many of the desired functionality enhancements MEI was asking for. The company  also intends to use SAP CatMan to optimize the catalog maintenance processes. "For the implementation, we have elevated the existing online shop functions to the current SAP Web Channel Release 7.0 and on top of that carried out additional functional extensions," remarks Sycor project manager, Martin Walter. While at it, Sycor was able to realize further quick-wins for MEI: using detailed product information and deploying order tracking, the online shop was improved and is now easier to use for the clients. MEI project manager Brian Turcich adds, "Thanks to Sycor, MEI is now equipped with  an e-business platform that is ready for the future. It  can be easily be expanded to include new business cases , and we intend to roll it out internationally. Our data quality has greatly improved as a result of the new catalog maintenance processes."

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MEI - Sycor implements SAP online shop at MEI

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