Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH

Referenz Otto Bock SAP Hybris B2B-Kundenportal
Referenz Otto Bock SAP Hybris B2B-Kundenportal

SAP Hybris Commerce B2B customer portal for greater comfort and transparency

Ottobock HealthCare is a global leader in orthopedics. In order to create a more extensive sales and service offering for business customers in the US market, SYCOR  GmbH developed a comprehensive B2B online shop with a SAP back end link.

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Relaunch und Release upgrade

Sycor has upgraded Otto Bock HealthCare‘s B2B onlne store environment to SAP Web Channel version 7.0 for ERP. As part of the release upgrade project, Sycor also adjusted the look of the store to match the corporate design of the Duderstadt-based medical technology company.

Patrick Hey

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Patrick Hey

Head of Customer
Engagement and Commerce

Phone +49 551 490 2128

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Heinrich-v.-Stephan-Str. 1-5

37073 Göttingen

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