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Sycor migrates business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) online stores at furniture specialist Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG in just six weeks.


Based in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, V/S Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG (V/S) was formed in 1898 with the amalgamation of four school furniture manufacturers. Today, V/S is not only Europe‘s leading manufacturer of school furniture, the company is also a key provider of high-quality office furniture systems as well as furnishings for lecture and conference rooms.

One unique feature of this furniture manufacturer, aside from its huge vertical range of manufacture, is its direct sales organization. The company‘s 65 regional sales representatives provide direct and comprehensive consulting services for schools, municipal offices, government purchasing agencies, customers in industry and commerce as well as service providers and present them with the right room and furniture designs for each specific application.

„For us, online stores are a service for the customer as they provide an initial platform for orientation and information. They also give customers the option of ordering our furniture directly. Thanks to continual ergonomic enhancements, our seating products provide proven protection against back problems while drastically improving concentration. As a result, more and more people want them for their homes. That‘s why we launched a B2C store through which we offer part our product range,“ says Alexander Ille, Head of Business Planning at V/S.

To ensure on-time delivery, high-quality service and optimal customer satisfaction throughout, and not just for online store orders, V/S uses SAP Web Channel in conjunction with an SAP CRM system. Both systems were designed and implemented in 2009 in cooperation with strategic IT partner E&R GmbH. An upgrade to SAP CRM 7.0 was required so that the company could continue to process customer requests in an optimal way. SAP Web Channel 6.0 had to be upgraded to Version 7.0 to ensure that the existing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) application would work together smoothly.

Göttingen-based SYCOR GmbH was contracted with the complete migration of the E-Commerce application.

„We completely migrated the entire environment in just six weeks. For the most part, we adopted the functional scope and the layout of the existing SAP Web Channel 6.0 application. Because of architectural changes in SAP Web Channel 7.0, we merged the functions and layout of the formerly framebased catalog of the B2B store and the frameless catalog of the B2C shop,“ explains Patrick Hey, Head of E-Commerce at Sycor.

Thanks to this project, V/S has laid the foundation for further expansion of its Internet sales platform in connection with an SAP CRM system. „We‘re very impressed with Sycor. Implementation was fast, professional and reliable,“ says Alexander Ille, Head of Business Planning at V/S.

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V/S Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG


Headquarters: Tauberbischofsheim, Germany
Industry: furniture manufacturing
Products: hiqh-quality furniture for schools and offices
Size of company: 970 employees 135 million Euro in sales

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