ERP and CRM integration

Webshop Integration

For enhanced customer comfort

Modern omni-channel commerce solutions integrate seamlessly with the existing ERP or CRM system landscape and web content management systems, thereby creating a single web presence in the place of a website and shop solution. This integration offers valuable advantages for businesses and customers.

Your customers are consistently supplied with all relevant information, for example on products, the delivery status, open items, availability or even individually compiled information. Such clearly arranged and complete information will be appreciated by your customers. You can also optimize your internal processes through integrated scenarios: for example, take advantage of the capability to automatically generate catalogs from existing data in your ERP or CRM system.

Enter orders directly in your ERP or CRM system and handle them through your standard processes such as production planning or logistics. Integration ensures that your customers always have the right information at the right time, clearly laid out in an attractive form.

Your advantages:

  • Create an online presence for your company
  • Avoid data redundancy and inconsistency
  • Use data from your ERP or CRM system in all channels of your omni-channel offering
  • Put your ERP or CRM system processes to use for your omni-channel presence

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Alumeco - Kundenfreundlicher B2B-Webshop

Alumeco A/S: A customer-friendly B2B online shop

Sycor has launched a customer-friendly B2B online store based on SAP WebChannel at Alumeco, one of the leading aluminium suppliers in Scandinavia. The benefits for Alumeco's business customers include a quicker, more convenient and clearly organized ordering process.

MEI - Sycor implements SAP online shop at MEI

MEI Group: Sycor implements SAP online shop at MEI

Sycor implemented a B2B online store landscape for MEI – the world's leading manufacturer of automated payment systems. The e-commerce solution is based on SAP Web Channel 7.0 for ERP. "Our decision to have a B2B online store on the basis of SAP Web Channel 7.0 for ERP implemented by the service provider Sycor was exactly right," says Brian Turcich, Project Manager for the MEI Group.

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