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Mobile Devices

Make your business mobile

Data flat rates, smart phones and tablets are everywhere today. The "Generation Mobile" is online anytime and anywhere, procuring all required information just in time. You too can take advantage of this trend to get into contact with your potential customers.

Note that the online channel is not merely a miniature version of your website or online shop here. Instead you should present your products with the corresponding information tailored to specific target groups and devices. Create added value and additional benefits to set yourself apart from the competition. Take advantage of the ability to use your ERP or CRM system as the central data pool for a uniform and consistent image.

Provide identical availability information across all channels and create a unique user experience that suits the target group. Of course you have the option of defining and implementing various marketing tools such as promotions or discounts individually for each channel.

Your advantages:

  • Reach new target groups
  • Individual touch points and offers tailored to the "Generation Mobile"
  • Create experiences to inspire your customers
  • Increase the availability of your offers

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