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Parallel shopping on all channels

Omnichannel-Commerce is revolutionizing online sales and bundling all sales channels. For example, a QR code may be printed on an advertising poster, scanned by the customer using a smart phone and added to a wish list. From the wish list, the product can be ordered through the online shop and retrieved from the nearest retailer with "in-store pickup".

The fundamental advantage of omnichannel solutions is that data from activities in one channel are used for further processing in another channel. Customers can easily switch between various channels within one sales process. Of course it is also possible for your customers to use one channel in isolation. With omnichannel-commerce, you offer various channels to your customers that can be combined in order to obtain information, purchase products and use additional services.

You too can bet on the future of selling – count on SAP Hybris Commerce made by Sycor.

Count on omnichannel-commerce and:

  • Use the central data from your ERP or CRM system as the basis of your omnichannel-commerce
  • Create individual and consistent sales experiences
  • Boost your conversion rate

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