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Count on the number 1 omni-channel solution

SAP has a long-standing, established tradition in e-business. In the year 2002, SAP introduced the first fully integrated shop solution with SAP Internet Sales. This Java-based application went through an evolution with the SAP Web Channel and Web Channel Experience Management products as its high points. With SAP Hybris Commerce, you now have the opportunity to obtain the number 1 solution in the enterprise application and e-business omni-channel segments from one provider. Benefit from the new possibilities of the SAP Hybris Commerce platform as an SAP customer. 

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End-to-end Integration between SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP ERP

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SAP ERP & SAP Hybris Commerce

Now available: SAP ERP & SAP Hybris Commerce End-to-End integration

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We have been preparing state-of-the-art e-business applications since 2002, exclusively on SAP technology stacks with deep integration into the existing SAP ERP or SAP CRM system. In doing so, we examine the overall processes along with the layout and user experience which are of elementary importance for the acceptance of your e-business application. Preparing and configuring integrated catalog generation and maintenance processes, triggered from your SAP ERP or CRM system, is part of our portfolio just as much as order entry in your back end system.

When additional data from other systems such as SAP, product information management systems or other third-party systems are needed while using the omni-channel application, there are multiple options for making these available in your application. We implement real-time integration or a loosely coupled integration version according to your requirements.

Your advantages with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP ERP:

  • 24/7 availability of all processes and data relevant for your customers
  • Consistent data in real time from your SAP ERP or SAP CRM system
  • Optimum presentation of your products and services
  • Mapping cohesive processes
  • Consistent real-time information from various systems for your customers
  • Improved data quality through automated interfaces
  • Greater transparency for improved customer satisfaction and retention

Our experienced team of e-business consultants, developers, designers and SAP back end specialists is looking forward to serving you. Talk to us!

Sycor.Essentials for SAP Hybris

Sycor.Essentials for SAP Hybris Commerce

With our essential packages for SAP Hybris Commerce tailored especially to midsize companies, we lay a solid foundation for your SAP Hybris Commerce project in partnership with you.

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