SAP Hybris Commerce Data Hub
The Swiss army knife for data integration

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With the Data Hub from SAP Hybris Commerce, you receive a flexible, scalable and service-oriented solution for the exchange of data between SAP Hybris Commerce and external systems such as ERP, CRM or other PIM systems.

Data from various sources can be consolidated and prepared for import into the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite. The SAP Hybris Commerce Data Hub is bidirectional, i.e. it can bring data from third-party systems into SAP Hybris Commerce as well as export data from SAP Hybris Commerce to third-party systems. It supports common transfer formats such as BMEcat and OCI. The exchange of product and customer data, stock levels/availability and orders is no problem in a decoupled scenario with the Data Hub.

As a SAP Hybris Commerce partner, we can fully and easily expand and adapt the Data Hub to meet your specific business requirements. You benefit from a reduction in your total operating costs. The fully integrated toolset and predefined data mappings reduce the integration costs. Maintenance costs are also reduced thanks to standardization and the effective realization, monitoring and escalation of recurring data imports and exports.

The SAP Hybris Commerce Data Hub ensures high data quality and consistency. This future-proof solution is reliable and stable, even as data management becomes more complex.
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