SAP Hybris Commerce 6.4: Get the lowdown
The 6.4 release offers numerous benefits for administrators and end users alike. An overview.

SAP Hybris 6.4

Product Cockpit: Synchronize and find data in real time

The best part of this release is the new Product Cockpit, which boasts an improved layout and is fully integrated into the back office. The new interface allows every shop administrator an instant overview of all products – and provides the ability to manage and adjust them simply. Up to now, queries went straight to the database. Thanks to the new Product Cockpit, a separate SOLR index now manages queries. That greatly relieves pressure on the database and offers additional search options. Synchronization of staged and online catalogs has also become much simpler. A sidebar displays in real time the progress of amendments being transferred from the staged to the online catalog.  

Back Office: Enhanced monitoring of product attributes

SAP Hybris Commerce 6.4 also enhances the monitoring of product attributes. New data-quality groups indicate the user-friendliness of selected product descriptions with a RAG status. Does it have a title? Is there a product image? Is the description detailed enough?  

SmartEdit: Keyboard shortcuts and permission-driven editing

SmartEdit has its own list of achievements: keyboard shortcuts immediately simplify the work of content managers. For instance, there is now an option to activate preview mode using the ESC button. It's a shame that this new feature only affects SmartEdit and doesn't extend to the back office just yet. Another new feature is user-specific permissions. Permissions are only possible at catalog level, however, and don’t yet drill down to individual pages. We hope that upcoming releases will see improvements in that regard.  

Make it like Amazon:  The Marketplace Accelerator

This release of SAP Hybris Commerce has also been extended to accommodate the Marketplace Accelerator. External suppliers advertise their products here – just as they would on Amazon Marketplace. The Accelerator is particularly attractive to vendors or resellers but also to B2B portal operators wishing to complement their range:  it enables them to raise awareness of their shop quickly and cheaply. Overall, SAP Hybris Commerce 6.4 is a satisfying release that is particularly impressive in its usability. Nonetheless, there is room for improvement – particularly regarding SmartEdit and the management of user permissions. We are already looking forward to future versions:  SAP Hybris has already announced the release of 6.5 for the third quarter of 2017. Things certainly remain exciting!

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