Benefits and Advantages
of Enterprise Content Management

ECM Vorteile / Benefits (Enterprise Content Management)

Reap the benefits of ECM

Handling documents and information is associated with a host of challenges:

  • Inefficient, paper-based workflows
  • Time-consuming searching for relevant information
  • Adherence to statutory requirements and compliance guidelines
  • Increase in time spent on data security

Save time and lower costs

ECM solutions help you to meet these challenges purposefully and obtain key benefits.  The goal is to find, administer and archive information quickly and reliably – whenever and wherever it is needed. Since all company-related data and documents can be digitalized and archived with ECM, storage costs are eliminated. Sometimes you only require a fraction of your original paper supply. You also comply with the applicable laws and meet your individual compliance requirements.

By avoiding media breaks, you achieve better overall throughput times as well by reducing search and access times. ECM helps you structure and organize your information and documents. The uniform, central storage of company information makes comprehensive and fast research possible. Managing duplicate datasets is avoided as well.  All documents exist exactly once, are always up to date and available immediately.

Your ECM benefits at a glance:

  • Increased efficiency and cost reduction
  • Structuring company knowledge
  • Reduced processing times
  • Improved information sharing
  • Time savings
  • Lower archive and paper costs

Improve transparency

Since your employees can access important information in a matter of seconds , their ability to provide information improves.  Cross-references to other information and documents establish relationships to other company processes and improve transparency in the next step. Electronic workflows prevent invoices, orders, contracts etc. from being forgotten. Compliance with payment terms is ensured, expiring contracts are no longer missed.

Overall, ECM ensures high process quality while simultaneously ensuring better service for your customers.

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