What is ECM?

Effective digitalization of your business data with enterprise content management

ECM / Enterprise Content Management

30- 40 percent of daily working hours are spent on manual document processing. E-mails or other important documents often get lost in this process.

Enterprise content management (ECM) can drastically reduce manual processing and improve access to information in addition to ensuring secure archiving. But what does ECM mean and what can it do?

ECM stands for enterprise content management and means that a wide variety of content from throughout the company is managed and made available expediently in the context in which it is needed.  At the core it is about capturing, storing and managing content, subsequently making it available at the right time, in the right quality and in the right place. Your employees obtain immediate and direct access to all company information – without protracted searching.

The goal is to design efficient and effective business processes while enabling cooperation between employees and departments regardless of their location and time. Standalone solutions and media breaks are avoided and all company knowledge is centrally organized.

We offer functional ECM solutions for your company, so that you can digitalize and complete your business processes effectively and efficiently.

An ECM system therefore covers the core functionalities of capturing, supplying and archiving.

Excerpt of our portfolio

  • Automatic Invoice Processing
  • E-Mail Archiving
  • Audit-Proof Archiving and Compliance

Since many processes in ERP systems like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX are crucial, we have developed numerous possibilities to optimize the use of processes in these systems in regards to documents and information. With Sycor.ECM basic, we have an attractive entry-level ECM solution in our portfolio as well. 

E-mail management, invoice processing or audit-compliant archiving – we find the right solution to meet any challenge.  Contact us for more information.

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