E-Mail Management and Archiving

Our IT solution supports the timely managing and archiving of e-mails and meets legal guidelines

Email Archivierung - Management Software

Next to the mere archiving of e-mails for compliance reasons, controlled e-mail management is increasingly gaining importance for companies.

The bulk of corporate communication takes place via e-mail today. The proportion of relevant information contained in these e-mails is growing steadily. Since they replace written business documents in many cases, e-mails are subject to a retention period as prescribed for data relevant under commercial and tax laws. Tremendous legal and financial risks are therefore concealed in your business e-mails. Nevertheless e-mails are frequently still being archived "somehow". Nobody knows exactly which e-mails are stored where, when and for how long in the company.

Straightforward e-mail storage and secure archiving

With our tailored solution for e-mail archiving, your company will have the necessary tools for managing e-mails from both a business and a compliance standpoint, while also optimizing storage requirements. This sophisticated complete package results in manageable projects with rapid implementation times and low costs. At the same time, it provides a foundation for expanding your solution into an enterprise content management (ECM) system. We provide you with a simple yet comprehensive e-mail management solution. Both rule-based and manual scenarios can be used in order to make the valuable information in your e-mails available in your business processes across the limits of individual mailboxes.

Overview of your advantages with E-Mail Management and Archiving:

  • Better access to information in e-mails
  • Management of your data throughout the life cycle
  • Compliance with legal requirements, both national and international
  • Optimization of storage requirements

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