Efficient Business Processes with ECM


Your most valued asset: business information

The database-supported administration of electronic data and documents – the document management system (DMS) – is the heart of any ECM system. Key functions include recording, storing, attributing, researching and displaying data and documents along with functionality such as versioning, access control and integrated lifecycle management.

Various techniques and/or software mechanisms can be used to ensure the archiving of documents and data in compliance with audit requirements and the applicable legal provisions. We have assembled a starter package for the implementation of a DMS system based on the EASY Enterprise.x. software especially for midsize companies. With our Sycor.ECM basic solution, you can optimize your processes, lower costs and meet compliance requirements. At the same time, reorganized company-wide data gives you quick access to high-quality information. And that provides the basis for fast decisions and significant competitive advantages.

By introducing an ECM system, you ensure that the required data, up to date and of outstanding quality, are available in the respective process step. This takes pressure off your employees in many standard activities. Automating disagreeable tasks effectively motivates your employees, allowing them to focus more on the actual core activities.

Overview of your advantages with ECM / DMS:

  • Optimum support for your business processes
  • Improved quality of service
  • Faster processes and decisions
  • Improved information sharing
  • Reduction of process costs

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