Sycor.Archive for FOSS
The archiving solution for FOSS users

Seamless integration of the archiving solution EASY ARCHIVE into the ERP system FOSS – for ultimate user friendliness and audit-compliant archiving.


Sycor.Archive for FOSS is the standard archiving solution for ORDAT's ERP system FOSS. All documents created or edited in FOSS with the help of the FOSS InformationServer (FIS) can be easily archived, searched, and accessed through FOSS GUI with this solution. The underlying archiving solution comes from the Mülheim-based ECM software provider EASY SOFTWARE AG. Thanks to the seamless integration of the two systems, FOSS users can access the EASY-ARCHIVE ergonomically through the familiar FOSS interface.

Automated processes assist employees in their daily work. For example, documents such as delivery notes, invoices or work orders created in FOSS are automatically archived when they are printed. If documents have to be accessed again later on, they are easy to find at any time using the FOSS search function – the "paper clip function" – integrated in the FOSS InformationServer (FIS).

Documents received in digital form, for instance as e-mail attachments, can be stored directly in the ERP system using drag & drop. Incoming paper documents are also quickly archived and linked to the relevant process in FOSS. A matching barcode is generated in the ERP system and applied to the first page of the document. Sycor.Archive for FOSS recognizes the start of a new document by means of the barcode during batch scanning and automatically links it to the corresponding process in the ERP system.

Naturally the storage of each document is audit-compliant since Sycor.Archive for FOSS ensures that all documents are absolutely unchangeable and traceable.

Overview of all the benefits

  • Process optimization and automation
  • Audit-compliant archiving
  • Minimized processing costs
  • Full process and interface integration in FOSS
  • Direct access to important business documents

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