Sycor.Invoice for FOSS
Automated invoice processing for FOSS users

Efficient relief for FOSS users with large invoice volumes.


The manual effort for the processing and forwarding of incoming invoices can be reduced with Sycor.Invoice for FOSS. The solution expands the functionality of ORDAT's ERP system FOSS with the invoice processing solution EASY INVOICE from the Mülheim-based ECM specialist EASY SOFTWARE AG. Thanks to the seamless integration of the two systems, FOSS users can access and utilize the full functionality of EASY INVOICE through the FOSS interface.

Sycor.Invoice for FOSS is based on the machine reading of incoming invoices using OCR. The information that is read is automatically reconciled with the master and order data stored in FOSS. If all entries match and a goods receipt has been recorded, the solution triggers the posting of the invoice by means of the corresponding ERP process and archives the invoice in EASY ARCHIVE. This not only reduces the amount of work for employees – cost-effectiveness is improved as well since users of Sycor.Invoice for FOSS benefit from early payment discounts thanks to the high level of transparency and shorter throughput times. What's more, invoice overviews are automatically prepared so employees have maximum transparency regarding bookkeeping and the company's expected liquidity.

In case of incoming invoices that require special approval – for instance because there is no reference to a purchase order or goods receipt, or when this is required by specific company rules (such as the principle of dual control) – the solution handles the secure, transparent, traceable and ergonomic implementation of the process.

Naturally the system is adapted to all company-specific requirements. The threshold amount for manual invoice approval and the persons who are automatically notified of certain types of invoices can be individually decided by the users.

Overview of all the benefits:

  • All invoices in one system
  • Audit-compliant storage
  • Fast and secure invoice approval
  • Cost reduction by taking early payment discounts
  • High level of transparency thanks to a clear listing of all invoices, including statuses
  • Access to all invoices in seconds through the familiar FOSS interface

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