Göttingen - 8/19/16

IT service provider Sycor expects to exceed 600 employees in 2016

The Göttingen-based Sycor Group currently has 585 employees worldwide, with 440 of them in Göttingen. Further employee growth is planned. The IT service provider is boosting its presence in southern Germany with the opening of a new branch in Offenburg.

Martin Renker

The full-range IT service provider Sycor continues to grow as it has over the last few years. "We had 550 employees at the start of 2016. Currently 585 people are working for us worldwide," says Martin Renker, Vice President HR Management for the Sycor Group. Thanks to capacity utilization in the business areas, the order situation, and the regular recruitment of new customers, the demand for new employees is steady. New positions are created almost weekly. Martin Renker adds: "We currently have around 30 vacant positions for IT professionals and career starters across all locations and the various business areas."

Renker clearly identifies the key challenges, not only for the HR Management department but for the entire company: "In order to sustain our ongoing growth, we have to continuously convince new employees of our value as an employer and our company culture, recruit them, and maintain their loyalty over the long term." He is confident that Sycor scores points with its credible employee orientation, values authentically put into practice in its day-to-day business, and naturally also with challenging tasks in customer projects. "We are currently negotiating with numerous highly qualified candidates. As a result, we are optimistic that we will exceed 600 employees before the end of the year."

11 locations in Germany

The company's growth is not limited to the number of employees: After a new office was opened in Cologne this past June, Sycor now has ten locations in Germany. Another location is being added on October 1st. Ralf Stoll, Sycor Vice President, has been assigned to establish and grow the new branch in Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg. "With our team in Offenburg, we are going to focus on SAP Application Management Services and integrated SAP solutions for midsize manufacturing companies," explains Ex-Ciber Manager Stoll. "In doing so, we are boosting our presence in southern Germany and, thanks to our geographical proximity with short distances, are able to provide more personal, flexible and faster service to our customers in the region." Expanding the industrial competencies in the process industry segment will be a focal point of activities. A plan to also establish a branch in Freiburg, which is taking more concrete shape, indicates how dedicated the Göttingen-based full-range IT service provider is to expanding its activities in southern Germany.

"Being closer to our customers is not the only reason we need these new locations. By establishing them, we are also creating contact points across Germany for our employees who travel a lot," emphasizes Martin Renker, Vice President HR. "Employees who need an office with a workstation do not necessarily have to come to Göttingen." More and more employees are however doing just that: 440 work mainly in Göttingen, distributed between the main building at the train station, the headquarters of the subsidiary SYCOR mbs GmbH on Brauweg, and additional office space on Maschmühlenweg and in the Gothaer building on Geismar Landstraße. "Our headquarters are in Göttingen and will remain here over the long term," says Martin Renker, affirming a clear commitment to this location.

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About Sycor

The Sycor Group is a full-range IT service provider with 585 employees around the world. With headquarters in Göttingen and further locations in Germany, Austria, North and South America, and Asia, the company has an international presence. Sycor supports customers with custom IT services and solutions for all corporate divisions along the entire value chain, integrating individual solutions harmoniously into existing ones or setting up completely new infrastructure and application landscapes.

Its own solutions, vertical add-ons, and all services in the area of SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX are just as much a part of the selection as quality-assured solutions and services for IT outsourcing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This broad know-how also includes unified communications, software asset management, security, and networks. Sycor implements professional online solutions in the field of business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications with ERP or CRM integration. In addition, the company realizes cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions according to customer requirements. The company also finds custom solutions in the areas of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data.

SYCOR GmbH maintains a quality management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Furthermore, Sycor is a Gold-Level Channel Partner, Hosting Partner, and Partner Center of Expertise of SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG. As a Microsoft partner the company is a Cloud Solution Provider and Strategic Development Partner for the areas of leasing, trade, service, and maintenance of mobile goods and fleet management. Sycor's expert knowledge in the areas of professional services and manufacturing has made the company a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Partner Program (EMEA). Various gold and silver competencies represent the broad expertise in the Microsoft environment.

The Sycor Group generated sales of EUR 66.7 million with an average of 520 employees in 2015.

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IT service provider Sycor expects to exceed 600 employees in 2016

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