Göttingen - 2/3/17

Sycor grows by 100 employees in 2016

The Göttingen-based full-range IT service provider Sycor increased its number of employees by 100 to currently 650 thanks to organic growth in the past financial year. Its sales are EUR 71.7 million. In Göttingen, a new company building is being constructed in cooperation with GWG.

Pressefrühstück zum Geschäftsbericht 2016 und Bauvorhaben am Zentrum alter Güterbahnhof

"The 2016 financial year meant growth and change for us in a dynamic market environment," says Dr. Marko Weinrich, President and Chief Executive Officer of SYCOR GmbH, in review. "What I find most remarkable is that we grew by 100 employees in the course of the year. This organic growth trend began five years ago and has been sustained with this intensity for three years." The Sycor Group headed into the new year with 550 employees. This number increased to 650 worldwide as of December 31, 2016. Sycor President and CEO Weinrich is convinced that this strong growth of 18 percent is due to the high profile that has been achieved for the employer brand and to publicity in the IT market. Aside from growth in the number of employees, the financial figures are positive as well: Sales increased from EUR 66.7 million in the prior year to EUR 71.7 million.

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Sycor grows by 100 employees in 2016

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