Communication Workshop
A new communication experience


Efficient deployment of modern communication tools for your business

  • How do you handle the conflict between generations in communication for your business? 
  • How do you meet the requirements for modern means of communication, and what is the best way to integrate these new technologies in existing business processes?
  • How do you provide a secure yet also flexible communication solution?

We have the answers!

In our communication workshop, you learn how to resolve the conflict between generations in communication. We show you how to link existing technology with new technologies easily and securely, protecting your investment.

In the course of our workshop, you learn what new communication landscapes in your company can look like and how you can map various processes more quickly and easily.

Obtain an overview of today's communication technologies from instant messaging (IM) and presence information to voice and video over IP, conferencing services and mobile integration options. Experience a new way of working from the user perspective and gain technological insights into IT requirements.

Sound interesting? If so, please contact us now and schedule a workshop!

Your advantages:

  • Small workshop – great benefit
  • Technology from a user perspective
  • Low-cost preview of cost-intensive planning or project work
  • Full, live experience / no demo environment or PowerPoint
  • The result: a basis for decision-making and the next steps

Overview of our services:

  • Target group-oriented workshop
  • Solution to the conflict between generations in communication
  • Best practice examples
  • Interaction with works council etc.
  • In cooperation with the customer, ROI analysis of possible solution scenarios
  • Guideline for budgeting
  • Individual solution scenarios based on existing customer environments

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