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We ensure transparency and legal certainty for your software licenses

Without suitable software, your company might no longer be competitive. This is why maintaining an overview of the software you are using is important. As with other capital assets, taking the applicable legal regulations into account for licenses is important along with adhering to a planned cost framework and protecting your investments.

Even if you should be able to represent the use of licenses by your company in numbers, this is no guarantee that the data you collect will not turn into a boomerang in the end. In particular, this can happen when a license analysis is prepared without adequate knowledge of current licensing terms and conditions, which can then be interpreted to the detriment of the company. Unintentionally "omitting" information which would have a positive impact on preparing the analysis, but was not considered important due to a lack of knowledge about the licensing situation, is often all it takes.

Full Control over Licenses

Are you unsure and looking for an expert to explain the legal situation in detail, interpret the data that was collected and assist you in communication with the provider? You merely want to be prepared for such an eventuality and perform the software asset management process proactively in order to position your company as favorably as possible, while gaining better control over criminal and civil law risks in this area for the future? If so, please contact our software asset management team to benefit from their always current know-how in the field of licensing law as well as experience with risk assessment and the optimization of SAM processes.  In far over 500 successfully implemented SAM projects, we have already delivered solutions that effectively improved compliance and the cost structure of the respective company.

Do you export to the USA?

American lawmakers have passed the Unfair Competition Act (UCA). It strives to establish fair market opportunities for all companies operating in the American market. Protecting intellectual property and especially also deployed software is one of the legal provisions. Production companies who export to the USA and are not compliant may be at risk of claims for damages or increased liability. This also applies if a compliance problem is limited to administrative software of the exporting company. Being able to provide proof of full compliance is an advantage for you when initiating future business in the USA. We are happy to explain the situation to you in detail and can show you what to watch for. Furthermore, we will gladly ensure your compliance in the course of an SAM project.

More on our service portfolio for SAM is found here.

You benefit from:

  • Our expertise in the application of current licensing laws, accumulated over many years
  • Our recognized status with software providers such as Microsoft and Adobe
  • Our risk assessment / review of a letter you may have received from a software provider (e.g. license review)
  • Our fast response and direct contact with the compliance departments of software providers
  • Fixed project fees for all steps to introduce an effective SAM process

Our services for your business:

  • Review and preparation of license analyses
  • Annual compliance certification
  • Preparation and support for the negotiation of master agreements
  • Licensing Competence Center
  • Volume Licensing Helpdesk

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