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Not only do we have high service standards, we also have strict requirements for our own internal IT service processes. This is why we consistently review our internal processes and have adapted them to meet ITIL standards for IT service management (support and service delivery). In doing this, we have focused on improving service quality for our customers. We regularly review and optimize our processes through internal and external audits and incorporate feedback from our customers.

Service Level Management

Customer surveys and evaluations are very important to us as a company. We regularly meet with customers and conduct service meetings in an effort to optimize our processes and boost customer satisfaction. The Account Manager is the first point of contact for our customers, no matter what type of question they may have. Our monthly reporting provides comprehensive information about our services and is an import tool for cost transparency. As a result, you can rest assured that we will meet our service level agreements.

Incident / Problem Management

If an incident or problem occurs, our proven process chain ensures that you can reach us at all times, if so requested even 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With our state-of-the-art help desk system, we control all your requirements and keep you up to date on all important steps. By forwarding complex problems to our special teams of experts, we guarantee short response times.

Configuration / Change Management

We predict the effects of any requested changes to the IT landscape and ensure changes are made safely and securely by modeling and integrating your technical infrastructure and using approval processes stored in the system. This realistic mapping also serves to limit damage in the event of a problem and to ensure quick resolution.

Availability Management

Using our monitoring technology, we continually monitor key parameters of our customers' systems and are quickly alerted when problems occur. This way we can respond at the first sign of an irregularity. Thanks to this proactive monitoring, major problems rarely occur, so you will not even notice the slightest effect on performance.  

Capacity Management

Through our monitoring procedures and trend analyses, we detect the risk of bottlenecks in system resources very early on and advise you on how to rectify the situation. As a result, any requested or needed enhancements are scalable and can be planned for you.  

Improving processes is just as important to us as trusting, open and close collaboration with our customers. Your wishes and requirements have the highest priority for us. We not only find the best technical solution for you, we also rely on competent staff and ensure legal compliance (e.g. data privacy laws, telecommunications regulations, product liability laws).  

ITIL-Approved Trainer

Nikolai Schmidt-Ott, Head of IT Service Management for the Sycor Group, obtained the "ITIL Approved Trainer" (APMG International) certificate in 2013. It confirms that Nikolai Schmidt-Ott meets the international test requirements and was successfully able to prove this in the course of an external demonstration lesson with subsequent examination. This certificate authorizes him to conduct and approve the prescribed 3-day basic training including examination as APMG-certified trainer (within the scope of a recognized training organization). Upon passing the examination, candidates receive the internationally recognized certificate of the ITIL Foundation. With this certification, Sycor is once again highlighting the sophistication of its internal business processes. Here the focus is on added customer value provided by the Sycor service offering.
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