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Outsourcing & Managed Server
Efficient and flexible IT infrastructure solutions provide the foundation for successful IT systems. As the requirements for these systems grow, IT departments are under increasing pressure to keep ever more complex systems up to date, while maximizing cost-effectiveness and ensuring the highest quality. At the same time, they have to make sure that IT costs for training and human resources do not increase. Many businesses therefore rely on external specialists like us.

We keep your infrastructure running with maximum reliability! We handle the professional operation of your systems in your data center. This means you retain control of your data. We support and monitor your physical and virtual servers. When required, we offer installation service for Windows and Linux operating systems. Daily backups and AV update verification guarantee maximum security for you. Thanks to our professional services, which we also provide for you directly on site, you have full protection and can rely on our competent support.

We are your reliable partner! Interested? Then please contact our experts.

Your advantages with Managed/ Outsourcing Server:

  • Professional administration and monitoring of your existing servers
  • You retain control of your data
  • No migration project
  • German-language hotline
  • Your IT staff is relieved of routine tasks
  • Flexible runtime
  • ITIL-based and QM-certified processes

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