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As a communication service provider (cellular and landline), we fully handle administration on behalf of your company. For example, we look after administration and offer consulting for your communication links (cellular, landline and internet). We also handle the settlement of your telephone costs. Your benefits: cost reduction and less time spent. By outsourcing these services, you have more resources available for your core tasks.

With us you have permanent, competent contact persons for your employees who look after communication consulting, service and administration. These services are provided by our qualified consultants. Our success is based on years of experience in the field of telecommunication. You are relieved of all responsibility, allowing you to focus entirely on your core business.

We have contacts to all leading suppliers in the industry. Innovations are identified in a timely manner, reviewed and added to the portfolio when indicated. Modern administration tools are used. These tools are compatible with all common internal administration interfaces (e.g. SAP) and the corresponding providers.

Your advantages:

  • Cost reduction and less time spent
  • Standardization of invoice formats and consolidation of all incoming invoices from different telecommunication service providers for landline, cellular and internet service
  • Direct booking files for ERP systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Overview with short-term or long-term statistics (monthly/yearly overviews)
  • Early identification of optimization potential (avoiding high costs)
  • Verification of invoice accuracy (reviewing invoices for "correctness")

Overview of our services:

  • Master data management, hardware ordering and replacement service
  • Invoice verification with threshold monitoring, rate optimization
  • Sending invoice information and itemized billing to employees / persons responsible for costs
  • Preparation of statistics and detailed reports (also by cost centers)
  • Electronic invoice post-processing – elimination of extensive individual transactions (paper invoices)
  • Consulting on foreign terms and conditions to avoid high costs
  • Support in contract negotiations or integration in existing Sycor master agreements
  • One contact person for all communication matters (invoices, terms and conditions, complaints and fault handling for connections and terminal devices)

Interested? Then please contact us. We would be happy to discuss our service portfolio with you.


Referenz KWS

Management and Billing of Cellular and Landline Connections

With the management and electronic billing of cellular and landline connections, Sycor provides relief for purchasing and accounting at KWS SAAT AG. Sycor has also set up a service hotline available on working days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Sycor employees who staff the hotline not only answer questions about telephones currently in use, they are also in charge of procuring new devices and contracts.

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Referenz Universität Göttingen

Sycor Ensures Good Connections

The experts at Sycor administer the telecommunication system at Göttingen university with 13,000 connections, 250 of which are IP-based. The number of clients is increasing. Since the landline connections of the university hospital are also part of the system being administered, around-the-clock availability has to be ensured, especially for emergency calls, 365 days a year.

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