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Blue Coat Reporter, Server & Bluecoat Web Filter
Protecting employees from the variety of internet hazards, controlling user behavior and ensuring adequate performance has become challenging for companies today.

Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway solutions can be installed centralized or decentralized at the internet access points, ensuring the effective management of all web applications and content even with SSL encryption.

Secure web gateways can use the Blue Coat web filter which classifies web addresses in 85 different categories and 50 languages. This allows web access to be controlled and websites to be blocked if they are undesirable, infected or present a security risk. When necessary the web filter can access the security information of the Blue Cloud WebPulse Cloud Service, which provides more than seven billion ratings for over 70 million users per day. Thanks to this technology, infected websites are identified and blocked more quickly compared to the conventional signature updates of ordinary AV providers.

With the integration of special AV appliances, the data stream can also be examined for viruses and malware. This is even possible for SSL-encrypted content thanks to the special function of the secure web gateway. The Blue Coat Reporter provides you with a detailed overview of all web activities and blocked threats.

In addition to internet access, the devices can also be used to make internal applications securely available on the internet – for example Outlook Web App (OWA), SharePoint, SAP shop systems etc. We handle the planning, implementation and operation of Blue Coat solutions for you. Benefit from the know-how and experience accumulated over many years by our certified employees. Please contact us now.

Your advantages with Blue Coat:

  • Surf the net securely
  • Stops current internet threats
  • Granular control over Web 2.0 applications such as Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • Supports the enforcement of company security guidelines
  • Transparency and control for all web-based user activities
  • Secure publication of internal applications

Our services:

  • Securing your internet connection
  • Secure publication of internal applications
  • Overview of all online activities

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