Mobility Solutions with Cisco Products

Solutions for mobile access to data and processes are increasingly gaining importance – we implement secure mobility solutions for you based on Cisco products.

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Focused on Increased Productivity – Mobility Solutions by Sycor

Mobile access to data and processes is becoming more and more important for everyday work – employees expect access to information and resources anytime and anywhere. In combination with a centralized infrastructure, increased productivity is the stated goal. Cisco technologies offer the possibilities for unlimited mobility – and we realize these possibilities for you based on our experience. With access to your data anytime and anywhere, we establish the requirements for optimum productivity. Of course we ensure the best possible security.

Mobile Access in the Company with WLAN

WLANs – local wireless networks – make life easier wherever mobile data capture or access is required. They are often used as well to provide employees or guests with wireless access to the internet or company network on the company premises (in the warehouse, in conference rooms or in production). This enhances productivity and leads to shorter response times.  

We set up a WLAN for you that is tailored to your needs and meets your requirements in terms of availability, performance and security.  

We supply the entire package – while you can lean back and relax. We choose the right components, the best possible locations, and exclude interference from other devices or WLANs. Our experts achieve full coverage and integrate the required security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your network. 

Benefit from our many years of experience with WLANs, from small installations to comprehensive systems with VoIP integration or the deployment of a mobile data capture solution in the warehouse.

Mobile VPN for Traveling

Field service staff, mobile customer service, mobile maintenance personnel and employees working from a home office have something in common: they require a trouble-free, secure data connection to the company network to work efficiently – no matter where they are. Remote access becomes secure mobility.  

We are your partner for setting up mobile virtual private networks (mobile VPN) in your company. We implement and operate an individually adapted mobile VPN access solution for you, based on technologies of the world's leading network solution provider Cisco. As a registered Cisco partner, we implement the necessary applications and systems to ensure smooth and secure access to your company network for your employees, regardless of where they are.

Your Advantages

  • Flexibility for optimum productivity
  • Faster processes through real time collaboration, from any location
  • Better work-life balance for mobile employees
  • Convincing availability and performance
  • Mobile data access security with secure WLAN (WPA2, EAP, wireless IDS/IPS)
  • VPN client for various platforms (Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux, Mac OS-X)

Are you looking for a secure and efficient mobility solution for your business?
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