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Microsoft Licensing Demands Flexible License Agreements

Microsoft Lizenzen verwalten / Microsoft License Management
Choose us to play it safe when it comes to licensing Areas of application and therefore also the number of software solutions are always increasing. This makes the demand of software providers for clear proof of licensing and regular compliance checks understandable. But effective license management solutions are not only essential to meet their demands. A better overview and improved control are highly welcome for companies as well. In large part because this allows costs to be reduced. 

Individual and integrated perspective

In order to choose a suitable licensing program for maximum effectiveness, future projects and update cycles have to be evaluated and reconciled with the plans of software providers – this applies in particular to the adherence to terms.  

Our highly qualified licensing specialists are familiar with product planning by providers and their own sales cycles, which allows them to identify the optimum contract start date for your business in addition to the licensing needs as such. Our specialists work with you to prepare a license assessment, determining actual needs based on an integrated view of your IT parameters. This gradually limits the choice of suitable licensing models, which are then compared in a multi-year overview. Once a licensing model has been chosen, our consultant negotiates the best possible offer for you.

With consistent and technically competent follow-up on all contract and licensing matters, we ensure that your company reaps the greatest possible benefit from the licensing agreement that has been concluded.

More on our service portfolio for SAM is found here.

Interested? Then please contact us. We are happy to advise you in detail.

Your benefits from working with us:

  • We also explain usage-based contract models and their flexibility in detail – supported by practical examples
  • Our integrated licensing analysis in the course of an SAM project generally makes our negotiations on your behalf highly successful
  • Unclear legal situations are escalated with the provider and binding answers obtained for your company
  • You receive detailed instruction about your new licensing agreement and a fixed contact person is assigned
  • High rate of success in challenging contract negotiations

Our services for your business:

  • Professional, substantiated determination of licensing requirements according to standardized guidelines
  • Calculation of various licensing programs in multi-year comparison
  • Licensing Competence Center clarifies your licensing issues
  • Volume Licensing Helpdesk administers your contract
  • Best possible negotiation results with the required compliance

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