Fast and structured hiring process
with the Sycor.OnboardingPortal

An ongoing high number of new hires in the company equates to a tremendous organizational effort for the HR team. A great deal of capacity is tied up by the time-consuming maintenance of systems and documents in various storage locations and an increased need for communication. Data loss and data duplication that can occur due to the shared editing of documents are also problematic.

Onboarding made easy. One portal for all.

With the Sycor.OnboardingPortal, you get an easy to implement solution to overcome your daily challenges. It is straightforward and fast to expand according to your individual needs. In the portal, all employees involved in the process can access the information and documents relevant to them, including further processing. You obtain end-to-end communication transparency, from the HR employee to specialists to new hires. Standardized processes and workflows make the hiring process easier for managers and HR employees. They ensure that all tasks are completed on time and to-dos are processed systematically. Involving new employees in the process also ensures a fast, uncomplicated entry into the company.

A gain for all HR staff. And the IT department.

Since the Sycor.OnboardingPortal was developed on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint Online and Flow, it is quick and easy to integrate into your Office 365 landscape. You only need a small budget for a solution individually tailored to you.

Overview of your advantages:

  • The design of the user interface is modern and flexible for adaptation
  • You configure the portal according to your operational requirements
  • Workflows are aligned with your individual needs, without a lot of development effort
  • The training effort is minimal since the interfaces are already familiar and accustomed functions can be used
  • No IT wilderness: You stick to your Microsoft strategy and therefore the company standard
  • You can use existing licenses

Out of the box: easy to implement, fast to use.

Our outstanding SharePoint Online know-how guarantees rapid implementation – also in your company. We adapt all features of the Sycor.OnboardingPortal to your needs. In doing so, we stick closely to the standard so that your overall training effort and costs are minimized. You too can benefit from our many years of experience and expertise as a Microsoft Gold Partner for your onboarding process.

Personal live demo and consulting

See the benefits of our Sycor.OnboardingPortal for yourself in a personal live demo. Make an appointment with one of our experts now, without commitment – professional consulting included.

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