Industry 4.0
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Real-time capable, intelligent, comprehensive networking of people, machines, products and ITC systems throughout the entire value creation process forms the core of Industry 4.0

Industrie 4.0
Increasing product and process complexity combined with rapidly changing markets and dynamic competition are daily challenges faced by companies. Product, market and technology cycles also keep getting shorter. In order to remain competitive, companies must be able to develop products and services quickly and manage logistics and production systems efficiently. This is what Industry 4.0 is all about: It means the digitalization and networking of products, machines, processes and people with ITC systems along the entire value chain.

Systematic implementation of Industry 4.0 with Sycor

Industry 4.0 is being called the fourth industrial revolution. Efficiency increases, cost reductions, higher productivity, increased competitiveness and improved customer satisfaction are among the expected effects. The technologies underlying Industry 4.0 come from the fields of embedded systems, smart factory, robust networks, cloud computing and IT security.
We help you focus on the technologies that offer true added value and competitive advantages for you. We work with you to implement Industry 4.0 step by step – in line with your strategy, goals and processes. You can rely on us as a partner with many years of experience with IT strategy consulting, the technologies required for the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 (including networks, security, cloud computing, mobile devices and mobile data entry), setting up integrated, comprehensive systems, and creating the necessary interfaces.

Industry 4.0 – transforming industrial value creation

What product belongs in which packaging? What transport container is where? What processing step comes next? What machine requires maintenance or replacement parts, and when? Where can unrealized cost reduction potential be found in the logistics process?
In the age of Industry 4.0, products have barcodes or RFID chips on the surface to pass information to machines, which communicate with and control each other. The physical and virtual worlds merge into cyber-physical systems. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is created. Not only intelligent machines and products, but all entities involved in production – including suppliers and customers – along the entire value chain are networked with ITC systems – from logistics to production and marketing to service. The data volumes produced in this complex system (big data) are permanently available and evaluated in real time. Not only do employees have mobile access to these data, they can also intervene in the processes using mobile devices.
The benefits for participants along the entire value chain are varied: Waste is reduced, the ability to respond to individual customer wishes is improved, the production of one-offs and very small quantities becomes more cost-effective. Faster, more reliable decisions can be made, business processes become more flexible and dynamic, new business models are created. Downstream services complement the traditional portfolio of manufacturing companies.
Industrie 4.0

Sycor – Industry 4.0 portfolio

A systematic approach to Industry 4.0: We offer IT strategy consulting, experience with the technologies underlying Industry 4.0 (including networks, security, cloud computing and mobile devices), setting up integrated, comprehensive systems and the portfolio of a full-range ITC service provider.

Industrie 4.0 Partnerschaft Baker Tilly Roelfs

Industry 4.0 partnership for mid tier companies

Together with Baker Tilly Roelfs, one of the largest partner-managed consultancies in Germany, we offer a comprehensive approach to industry 4.0 projects and the associated transformation process.


Sycor – Industry 4.0 references

As a full-range IT service provider, we have been implementing projects with the technologies underlying Industry 4.0 for years (networks, security, cloud computing, mobile devices). Here you will find detailed reference reports for some of these projects in various sectors. Satisfied customers speak for us.

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