Backup and Recovery Solutions by Sycor

Reliable, scalable, quality-assured and tailored to your requirements – individual backup and recovery solutions by Sycor.

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We are your contact for the preparation, implementation and operation of your data backup concept!

A backup and recovery strategy that meets your needs – tailored to the business processes and industry requirements – is essential for your company as protection against data loss and to meet legal requirements.
We are your partner for the implementation of a new backup and recovery strategy or if you want to review and modernize your existing solution: based on a systematic analysis of your requirements and your current data backup system, we prepare a solution design that is perfectly tailored to your needs. In doing so, we include the entire process from desktop to server to storage systems in our deliberations.

Analysis, planning, implementation and operation – professional all-round service by Sycor

Whether you want us to develop a new solution or optimize an existing system for you: we analyze the state of your current backup and recovery strategy, including the existing emergency plans and the systems, services and processes that are used. Service level agreements (SLAs) are an important aspect of the analysis, especially the agreements regarding restoration times and similar performance commitments. In order to identify potential for improvements in the cost structure and ensure compliance with legal requirements as well as internal company guidelines, we conduct a comprehensive cost and risk analysis.

Then we plan your tailor-made backup and recovery solution and also implement it based on an approved migration plan. We can offer systems as centralized or distributed data backup solutions, directly at your site or in our data centers depending on your preferences. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are flexible and able to set up your backup and recovery solution quickly.

You obtain multiple benefits through the operation of your solution by us: we fully integrate your system into our system management environment and you can rely on professional operational management on the basis of the ITIL standard, proven standard tools and QM-certified processes. Our team of specialists, which you can also reach through our hotline, verifies successful data backup regularly, eliminates faults and assists you in case of restoration. Our services are based on service levels defined in advance (availability, support hours, response times etc.).

Are your requirements changing? We are flexible in adapting the solution, services and term to your needs!

Backup and Recovery Solutions by Sycor – our services:

  • Preparation, implementation and operation of a data backup concept tailored to individual customer requirements
  • Modernization of an existing data backup solution
  • Providing central or distributed data backup solutions
  • Setup of the solution in your or our data centers
  • Sycor: data centers in Germany Mirroring at two sites
  • Data backup integration (in Split Mirror, Snapshots, VMware, MS Hyper-V, SAP R/3, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MaxDB, Exchange, MS SharePoint)
  • Defined SLA during support hours (response time for critical errors 0.5 hour / hour / 4 hours, 99.5% availability)
  • Daily verification of backup success and elimination of faults
  • Restore support
  • Handling the operation of existing data backup environments
  • German-language hotline
  • ITIL standards, proven standard tools and QM-certified processes
  • Flexible delivery and adaptation, flexible terms, transparent settlement

Are you looking for a partner for the implementation of a new backup and recovery solution or the modernization of your existing one? We offer professional Sycor all-round service – analysis, planning, implementation and operation!

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