Sycor – your partner for Microsoft Azure

With us you will make optimal use of Microsoft Azure from the very beginning and benefit from the full power, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud computing platform. Gold Certified complete service for Microsoft Azure by Sycor.

Microsoft Azure
As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner for the cloud platform area, we will support you in introducing and using Microsoft Azure, the powerful, globally available cloud computing platform, with our complete service. Regardless of whether you want to increase the availability of your own data and resources, expand storage and computing capacity, create a backup data center or a high-availability scenario, or provide and use virtual machines, solutions, and services in a demand-based way: we ensure that you can benefit from the high degree of flexibility, the demand-based scalability, and the optimized availability of the cloud computing platform from the very beginning and can actually realize possible cost savings. With Microsoft Azure and our help, you will react more quickly to changing business requirements and ensure a competitive advantage.

Complete service for Microsoft Azure by Sycor

We offer analysis, planning, consulting, implementation, maintenance, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-level support for Microsoft Azure. As an experienced Software Asset Management (SAM) partner, we ensure that the cloud services are licensed optimally. We give you a recommendation for handling your data, provide a well-founded resources analysis, and get you into the cloud quickly and cost-effectively. Our specialist have expertise in bandwidths and security (identify and access) as well as planning, consulting, and implementing secure access to Microsoft Azure (point-to-point connection) and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. We take care of updates and releases as part of maintenance and tell you and your employees about innovations from the further development of the cloud platform in workshops.

Together we link your data center to the Microsoft data centers via Active Directory Federation Services in a hybrid scenario, constructing your distributed, partially or totally virtualized data center environment. You safeguard your previous IT investments with seamless and rapid incorporation of existing IT infrastructures and keep additional ones manageable. We ensure that you can have data and resources available in a secure and flexible way, provide new services (for example, digital rights management) quickly, start or stop resources temporarily as needed or according to a schedule, and thus actively manage costs.

Sycor – services related to Microsoft Azure:

  • Analysis, planning, consulting, implementation, maintenance, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-level support
  • Software asset management and licensing – for optimal use of the cloud computing services of Microsoft Azure
  • Analysis and evaluation of your data; recommendations for handling your data
  • Resource analysis and management
  • Optimizing online resources
  • Security, identify and access
  • Planning and implementation of secure access to Microsoft Azure (point-to-point connection)
  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute consulting
  • Updates and releases
  • Workshops on innovations and product developments
  • Modular expansion options through embedding Microsoft Azure into Sycor's comprehensive cloud strategy

With Microsoft Azure you can:

  • achieve greater flexibility, increased power, higher availability, and optimal scalability for your corporate IT
  • react more quickly to market effects, customer demand, and business trends
  • provide and use cloud services in a demand-based way
  • start or stop resources temporarily or according to a schedule
  • ensure cost-transparency and optimized cost management
  • save, backup, and restore data in the cloud
  • run corporate applications
  • provide modern, cross-platform web and mobile applications
  • securely expand the computing and storage capacity of your existing data center
  • perform powerful predictive analytics
  • encrypt, store, and stream audio and video content in a scalable way
  • offer intelligent products and services with IoT services (Internet of Things)
  • perform regular data migration, replications for business continuity, and rapid emergency restores as needed with minimal data loss
  • implement new services, such as digital rights management, quickly

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