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We deliver the integrated package for your solution: WLAN analysis, selection of suitable terminals and components, setup and integration into your application (ERP system).

Mobile Datenerfassung / Mobile Data Entry

Make your production, warehousing and logistics more efficient.

With optimally structured solutions for mobile data entry, you can make your logistics processes in production and warehousing as well as shipping much more efficient. The information which is generated in the process is often written down manually by your employees and then entered in your ERP system later on. This results in repeated manual work, an increase in the length of time your business processes take due to the time delay, and last but not least, an increase in the potential for errors.

Comprehensive Mobile Data Entry Package

We deliver the comprehensive package including hardware and service for your custom mobile data entry solution – perfectly tailored to your process requirements and especially to your facilities.

With a WLAN analysis at your facility, we ensure that the mobile handheld scanners are able to access the application anywhere, with guaranteed reliability and stability. We select suitable mobile barcode scanners to meet your requirements and deliver them along with the necessary Cisco WLAN access points and controllers. For maximum performance and security, we integrate the barcode scanners into the WLAN for you – and especially into the processes of your ERP application (e.g. SAP ERP, SAP Business All-in-One or Microsoft Dynamics AX).

Mobile Data Entry – Our Comprehensive Package for You

  • We provide all services and deliver the required hardware
  • WLAN analysis (optionally also for VoIP)
  • Delivery and setup of Cisco WLAN access points and controllers
  • Selection of MDE terminals (barcode scanners)
  • High-performance, secure integration of MDE terminals into the WLAN
  • Integration of MDE terminals into your ERP application (e.g. SAP ERP, SAP Business All-in-One or Microsoft Dynamics AX)
  • Optional operation of the entire technology solution

Sycor mobile data entry – your advantages at a glance:

  • Higher productivity through mobility
  • Integration into the processes of your ERP application
  • No (data) redundancies thanks to a fully integrated solution
  • Data that are always up to date
  • Minimization of errors by eliminating manual entries
  • Stable, high-availability solution
  • Security through authentication via Cisco Radius or Active Directory
  • Compatible components for smooth operation

Do you want to reduce manual work for your employees, speed up processes and minimize error sources in data entry with a mobile data entry solution that is perfectly tailored to your requirements? If so, please contact us!

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Otto Bock Kunststoff

Automated logistics

In order to optimize its use of the newly constructed, automated high-bay racking system, Otto Bock Schaumsysteme decided to implement a flexible solution for mobile data entry (MDE) with handheld scanners. Today it communicates wirelessly with the high-bay racking and ERP systems, ensuring the voucherless and automated flow of materials.

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