Security and compliance.
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Security and compliance
Media reports about new spyware or malware employed by criminals to obtain company data or render data unusable are almost a daily occurrence now. This makes it essential to continuously reevaluate your own data security, making sure that it always meets current requirements.

Some security aspects constitute a special challenge for any IT department, for example the use of mobile devices. The goal is to enable highly mobile productivity for employees with smartphones, tablets, and similar devices while simultaneously ensuring maximum security of company data. Working with partners and customers is another challenge. This is made much easier by today's collaboration tools. Access rights have to be managed here while always maintaining an exact overview of access to the company network.

To sum it up: ease of use, fast access, maximum security. Those are the most important points when it comes to employee productivity, mobile or on the desktop, and collaboration.

Do you have a complete overview?

Are you able to report what files a certain user can access, or for what services access rights have been granted? Do you know who is accessing data without authorization when and from where? In general: Are you able to identify irregularities, which may indicate violations of your company's security guidelines, in a timely manner?

By using Enterprise Mobility & Security products from Microsoft, you will soon be able to answer these questions with yes and master your challenges.

Everything you need!

The right solution for your business should cover the following requirements:

  • Clear identity and access management
  • Uncomplicated access to applications (single sign-on)
  • Location and device-independent
  • Secure collaboration with partners and customers
  • High IT efficiency and low help desk costs
  • Transparency and control
  • Restriction of complex threats
  • Support for corporate compliance

By implementing Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security, you obtain a tailor-made solution for your business, improving your data security, boosting your efficiency, helping you act faster, providing you with an exact overview, and lowering costs in the long term. You also gain our expertise.

The journey is the destination – you choose the speed

To ensure your corporate IT is up to the challenges, informative, fit for the future, and audit-compliant, we in cooperation with you ensure the following step by step:


Step 1
Organizing and structuring

You regulate who has access, and know what is being accessed in your company

 Person vor PC

Step 2
Protection and control of information 

You regulate who has access to your shared data, and where your data are accessed


Step 3
Comprehensive protection and control

You know who accessed what data, where, and when, and you are always fit for the future

Ease of use, fast access, maximum security

With Sycor you have a partner with many years of Microsoft Security experience: from recording the requirements, to implementing the solutions, to operating them – in short, for the entire lifecycle. Benefit from our expertise for your security and compliance.

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