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To establish a more efficient organization of further training processes at Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, SYCOR mbs GmbH implemented a global Learning Management System (LMS) based on Microsoft SharePoint.

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Around the world, the name Ottobock stands for high-quality, technologically outstanding products and services. The objective of restoring people‘s mobility and protecting remaining functions is what drives the entire product range of Ottobock. Over 5,200 employees work for the family company based in Duderstadt,  Germany. Ottobock chose a global learning management system to optimize further training and learning processes for after-sales service employees. Particularly the certification management of employees, the provision of training materials as well as the planning and administration of educational measures are to be  implemented through the system. What mattered to Ottobock as well was achieving the highest possible level of usability. The IT service provider SYCOR mbs GmbH was commissioned with the realization of the project. The company implemented the Learning Management System (LMS) ShareKnowledge™ on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint. The LMS allows for learning processes to be mapped and implemented precisely, for user management and for the evaluation of learning activities. The system provides simple participant management for classroom courses, supplies structured learning paths and organizes further training and professional development processes.

A customized multi-function learning portal

“Service technicians gain access to our information and spare parts only if they have been trained successfully in the respective product and have obtained a  certificate. Up to now, proof had to be provided by way of paper certificates. Thus, the subsequent approval and release of materials for a certified employee was always subject to media disruptions and delays. It is these processes that we wanted to make more efficient and faster, while meeting the standards and regulations on quality assurance and documentation,” explains Nicol Koch, Manager Global Service Support Group at OttoBock HealthCare GmbH.

Starting from market  evaluation, the creation of technical concepts and the adaptation of the implemented LMS ShareKnowledge™ to integration with the SAP system and key user training, Sycor mbs has delivered all these services from one single source. “ShareKnowledge™ is a comprehensive complete learning management solution for the targeted management of further training and professional development measures within a company, and it can be integrated easily with existing Microsoft SharePoint systems. Many processes that used to be handled manually are now automated. This helps save a lot of time and creates more efficient processes,” says Bernd Carstens, Account Manager at Sycor mbs.

Certification management, made easy

All existing certificates are now mapped in and managed by the LMS. Once an employee has reached a higher qualification level, the order authorizations for spare parts and accessories in the SAP system will be approved automatically. “To do this, the LMS had to be integrated with the existing SAP system, and existing data had to be migrated,” explains Bernd Carstens.

“SYCOR mbs GmbH has fully convinced us with its excellent SharePoint competence and experience with learning management solutions. We are very satisfied with the progress of the project, and we are already reaping significant benefits from the use of the LMS,” says Karina Lott, LMS project manager in the Global Support Group After-Sales Service at Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, drawing positive conclusions. “So far we have included and trained in the system more than 350 employees around the world. There have already been  inquiries from other divisions of the Operations management area to expand the use of LMS.”

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Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH


Headquarters: Duderstadt, Germany
Industry: Medical technology
Products: High-quality, technologically outstanding products and services in Orthobionic® und Bionicmobility®
Company size: more than 6,000 employees, 724.1 million euros in sales (2013)

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