Veeva Support

What should you pay special attention to in selecting the right Veeva support partner? Take a look at these four points!

1. Quality

Be sure to work with an IT service provider that can confirm the quality of its internal IT service processes with the internationally established ITIL standard. Also confirm that a Service Manager is available to you as your key point of contact.

2. Internationality

Your company does business globally? Then your future service provider should be able to provide support internationally as well. It is best to ask for country-specific references.

3. Scalability

New Veeva modules, integrating additional countries, or restructuring: Your support requirements may change over time. This means your support partner should have sufficient resources to handle seasonal peaks. Also pay attention to scalability in the contract design.

4. Portfolio

Ideally your partner should not only offer Veeva support but also consulting and training. Synergy effects are realized through cooperation between departments, considerably reducing the time expended by you.

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