Göttingen - 6/15/16

New Dynamics CRM release features numerous significant enhancements

Microsoft is continuing its successful release policy in the customer relationship management (CRM) field. The "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring 2016 Wave" was published last week in the proven six-month rhythm.

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Extensive new functions are now available for all customers using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud. We consider "Project Service" to be the highlight of this release. It offers new functionality for the comprehensive processing of project services in Dynamics CRM. Sycor is currently transferring this solution to internal demo systems and is already preparing a webinar for "Project Service". More information will follow soon.

Microsoft announces additional functions and features

With the new release of Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft is further integrating customer service with the Internet of Things. This facilitates the predictive maintenance of products. The "Spring 2016 Wave" update also includes new functions and intelligent features to help companies further optimize their service processes and respond to customer enquiries even more quickly and intuitively.

These include among others:

  • Field Service: A tool to calculate capacities for service calls, available resources and the amount of work
  • Connected Field Service: The new IoT-out-of-the-box application Connected Field Service supports the continuous monitoring of networked devices, detection of possible error sources, automatic forwarding of corresponding warnings to customer service technicians, and the generation of service tickets. Connected Field Service paves the way from reactive damage control to proactive, forward-looking customer service. (Available worldwide as a preview on June 7, 2016)
  • Portals for collaboration and the exchange of information between external and internal experts, customers and customer service are also coming within the scope of the version update
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