Cloud Software Asset Management

Cloud Software Asset Management

A large proportion of companies already uses cloud applications. These applications have to be integrated into the existing software asset management (SAM) process to avoid additional costs and ensure compliance. This is because cloud licenses are also checked in the course of manufacturer audits.

Cloud applications do not leave behind a footprint. That makes them more difficult to find and track. We help you obtain information about the actual use of licenses and the activity between the device and online application. This lets you find out what usage rights have been exhausted and where new licenses have to be assigned or existing ones can be used elsewhere.

We offer a full review of the software installed on a device as well as your cloud applications. We are happy to explain the possibilities for optimizing your licenses as well as the redistribution and renegotiation of your existing contracts.

SAM for Cloud-Readiness

SAM for Cloud Readiness

Migration to the cloud can be very complex. Many questions need to be answered in advance to actually achieve the project objectives.

SAM for Cloued Readiness
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