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Compliance Consulting
When it comes to legal certainty, an aspect of central importance from those responsible for IT all the way up to company management, the relevance of the topic is as high as the associated uncertainty. Who can really claim to have control over all licensing aspects for their own IT infrastructure currently used in the company?

Obtaining professional support to establish the residual risk is helpful and virtually inevitable. Current knowledge of new and older products is required, e.g. the legalities of licensing for a virtualization environment operated on the basis of acquired licenses.  

Someone who deals with these and similar issues on a daily basis, with corresponding qualifications, is able to provide a binding assessment of such situations. It should be clear to anyone that this is not always possible on an ad-hoc basis.

We provide you with a substantiated assessment of any licensing law scenario, along with the options that can be considered from our perspective in case of a jointly identified need for action.

Contact us for more information. We are happy to advise you in detail.


Concrete problem – get help fast! We focus on solving your licensing problem.


We provide you with all important information related to software asset management.


We make you fit in terms of product licensing. Take part in our Licensing Professional training.


Efficient software administration and assured compliance – with our SAM project you have optimum certainty.


With an SAM certificate, you have optimum certainty and need not fear a license review.
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