Software LifeCycle Management

Software LifeCycle Management
Central software management offers advantages that no company can do without today. Next to cost aspects, the factors of availability, security, performance and flexibility play an important role as well. The efficient use of your acquired software is in the core interest of our daily work.

In particular, licenses with maintenance included are often influenced positively by pending changes to licensing laws through upgrading with new usage rights, which are otherwise reserved exclusively for customers who purchase new licenses.

Ongoing support for contractual and licensing matters

Following a SAM project, have you decided in favor of annual certification or would you like to protect yourself with compliance support? If so, we are the right contact. All of our specialists have many years of experience with the assessment of contract law matters and the resolution of complex problems in the context of proper licensing.

Competence Center

Perhaps you have a challenging licensing issue that requires a binding solution quickly, and that may even have critical effects on a current project or budget planning?

Contact our Licensing Competence Center and our team with decades of experience will resolve all important licensing scenarios for you, with readily comprehensible explanations. The accumulated know-how of our team, which is probably unique, is highly valued by our customers.

What's more, many of our consultants have an established technical background that makes it easy for them to understand your current IT infrastructure.

Current license agreements are often concluded for specific terms or administered through licensing portals that are not always readily transparent. Here too you can count on our support if anything is unclear, or when you need important information from your contract in order to carry out your day-to-day business as smoothly as possible. Examples include downloads or license keys at short notice, as well as the activation of contractually assured benefits in your name. Our Volume Licensing Helpdesk provides outstanding support in this regard.

Rather than spending a lot of time waiting, you promptly receive professional support from consultants who are familiar with your history.


Many volume licenses today are controlled by an activation process of the manufacturer. This frequently leads to the question of how to effectively plan a company-wide software rollout when every license has to be activated. Uniform deployment is a problem, especially also for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or system builder licenses. For licensing law reasons, these frequently do not permit automated image generation. Our Volume Licensing Team stands by your side in words and deeds when it comes to deployment.


Taking stock of the hardware and software being used is an important step in order to obtain detailed information about the quantity and type of installed software. Inconsistencies between licensed software and software being used are often revealed only here. These may not have been known beforehand and are perhaps undesirable.

A reliable and regular inventory is therefore indispensable, and also essential for the reasonable management of the software lifecycle. If a suitable inventory tool is lacking or the one being used ties up excessive resources that are urgently needed elsewhere, using an easy to install and straightforward to use tool that provides an informative summary overview as quickly as possible has proven extremely helpful.

We are happy to discuss the details with you and, in the course of training, provide you with an overview of the few but important configuration parameters needed to put the free Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit to use. We use it ourselves in the course of audits and have made very good experiences with it, especially also in comparison to other, sometimes very costly solutions.

Whether using it in your company is sensible naturally cannot be answered in advance, but requires clarification. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can share our experience with you.

Contract renewal

Volume licensing agreements come up for renewal every three years as a rule. But often this is just one of several options at the end of the contract. Depending on the renewal date and the external constraints, it is expedient to seek advice several months in advance in order to jointly develop a renewal strategy.

In addition to contract renewal, a buyout or contract termination are often possible as well – and these options may be sensible for you under certain circumstances.

Just give us a try – a call is all it takes.

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