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Precisely Coordinated Processes for Maximum Transparency

Referenz Frankenstein Präzision GmbH & Co. KG
At Frankenstein Präzision GmbH & Co. KG, the name is the game: the metal refiner fabricates perfectly fitting components for the automotive industry. With an SAP-based industry solution from Sycor, the company maintains a precise overview of products, processes and customer satisfaction.

The Swabian family company refines various metal parts for airbags, fuel injection pumps, hydraulic components and gear mechanisms. 16 million of the customized components leave the plant in St. Johann every year. Thanks to the new SAP industry solution, Frankenstein Präzision now has full control of the substantial production volume at all times. "SAP Business All-in-One helped us establish transparent business processes. Thanks to integrated data management, we consistently maintain an overview of the entire company," says manager Katja Frankenstein in praise of the solution.

With the help of its implementation partner Sycor, the family company introduced consignment inventory management as well – meeting an urgent customer requirement. "With this form of inventory management, the goods are delivered to the customer's warehouse but remain property of the supplier until they are removed. Thanks to the SAP application, Frankenstein Präzision is now able to perform all required steps including timely invoicing," says Sycor Project Manager Torsten Jaretzke.

Dennis Deile / IT-Verantwortlicher - Frankenstein Präzision GmbH & Co. KG
"I can't think of any other IT suite that's as flexible as SAP. If SAP can't do the job, no solution can."

Dennis Deile, Head of IT

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