ERP restart with SAP

Sycor implemented a SAP ERP solution within nine months to replace the legacy system of sfm medical devices GmbH in Wächtersbach, Hesse. The transition was made in the course of business operations – with no lost production.

ERP-Neustart mit SAP
sfm-Geschäftsführer Dr. Alexander Dziengel, Copyright sfm“Our ERP system in use at the time was a very old release, so the provider was no longer supporting it. We had to decide whether we wanted to implement a new version of our existing system or a different solution,” says Dr. Alexander Dziengel, CEO of sfm medical devices GmbH, recalling the time before the new system was introduced. A systematic selection process quickly identified SAP as the best option: In addition to very good integration of the QM functionality, the fact that the ERP solution from Walldorf is widespread among customers and suppliers also spoke in its favor. “The linking of processes and a high level of IT integration supported our integrated approach to a solution. We supply our customers with disposable medical products of high quality, looking after development, production and packaging as well as logistics and ensuring compliance Sycor implemented a SAP ERP solution within nine months to replac the legacy system of sfm medical devices GmbH in Wächtersbach, Hesse. The transition was made in the course of business operations – with no lost production. sfm medical devices GmbH ERP restart with SAP with regulatory requirements,” Dziengel explains. “Market penetration ultimately was a factor in our decision to implement the SAP Business All-in-One solution.” Since the quality characteristics of the sfm products are the result of having mastered a variety of manufacturing techniques in metal and plastics processing as well as  interdisciplinary collaboration between all company departments, the new ERP system had to map the entire process chain – for the head office in Wächtersbach, Hesse, and the production subsidiary SaFeMed in Prague, Czech Republic. An analysis of the processes and, if necessary, their adaptation to best practice standards was to be performed in parallel. The medical product manufacturer awarded the contract for the overall project to the SAP partner and full-range IT service provider Sycor in Göttingen.

Intercompany business with the subsidiary in Prague

As one of the challenges in the project, it turned out that sfm had established separate clients for the two locations in Wächtersbach, Hesse, and Prague, Czech Republic. “In order for sfm to reap the benefits of an integrated, uniform company-wide ERP solution, we converged the two clients in SAP Business All-in-One. We had to ensure harmonized data migration in order to accomplish this,” emphasizes Sycor Project Manager Oliver Mittermeier. “With data harmonization, we realized process optimizations and faster throughput times with reduced data maintenance effort for intercompany transactions for sfm. The complex, multi-stage production process is modeled in the new SAP system as well.”

All manufacturing processes are included in the solution adapted by Sycor: Plastic production with injection molding and extrusion coating systems, metal processing such as grinding, bending, cold forming, electrochemical machining and blasting, product assembly under clean room conditions and the product sterilization process. Sycor.ProductionCockpit as an add-on production planning and controlling solution developed by Sycor was also integrated into the sfm medical devices GmbH process world by the Göttingen experts. “The legacy system was replaced entirely. In addition to production and process planning, we also implemented materials management, purchasing, inventory management and parts of quality management. Sales, shipping, financial accounting and controlling are consistently supported as well,” says Sycor Project Manager Mittermeier.

For Dr. Alexander Dziengel, CEO of sfm medical devices GmbH, the SAP implementation is a resounding success: “We have greater transparency and efficiency in our processes. The intercompany business with our subsidiary is running smoothly.” In particular, he emphasizes that “Even though the project including the conceptual phase only took nine months, Sycor realized a smooth transition for the implementation. We had no disruptions in production or logistics. That was important to us. Our decision in favor of Sycor and SAP proved to be a good one.”

Project: New implementation of SAP Business All-in-One for all company processes

  • Uniform company-wide ERP system
  • Optimized intercompany transactions
  • Increased transparency and efficiency in the processes
  • Ability to integrate customers and suppliers

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sfm medical devices GmbH

sfm medical devices GmbH


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