SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI)

The starter pack for medium-sized enterprises with business intelligence functions for your SAP Business All-in-One industry solutions. Implemented quickly for full transparency in your processes!

SAP BI - SAP Business Intelligence

If you want an insight into your processes – available from the very beginning and at all times – then we have exactly what you are looking for:

Sycor.BIStarterpack for SAP Business All-in-One industry solutions


  • Creating transparency, quickly and reliably!
  • No unnecessary ballast – short implementation times and a fast ROI

For the Sycor.BIStarterpack, we have thrown all unnecessary ballast overboard. We offer you a pre-configured, tailor-made solution for best practice standard processes in sales and distribution and financial accounting with the introduction of our SAP Business All-in-One industry solutions. And the finance and logistics cockpits provide you with best information available. The following clearly structured reports are included in the Sycor.BIStarterpack:

Screenshot: SAP BI Finance cockpit

Finance cockpit

Profit and loss calculation (P/L), marginal income/EBIT, trend analyses for selected P/L figures and TOP 5 customers based on business volume

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Screenshot: SAP BI Logistics cockpit

Logistics cockpit

Orders received (by customer and by product) and business volumes (by customer and by product)

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The optimized business intelligence functions and outstanding graphical formats provide you with more process transparency from the start, allowing you to make well-grounded decisions and improve your use of resources. The pre-configuration, which is adapted to midsize manufacturers, guarantees short implementation times and a fast ROI. More speed: Thanks to the easy report preparation and analyses and the clear graphical display on our dashboard, you can identify trends and their causes quickly. Adjust your plans to changes in the business environment in a flexible manner – short-term changes or long-term strategic readjustments of processes are always based on complete information.

Sycor.BIStarterpack – business intelligence for SAP industry solutions. Your advantages:

  • Quick implementation for a quick ROI
  • Perfectly tailored business intelligence for standard processes for an SAP Business All-in-One launch
  • Sound decisions
  • Improved use of resources
  • More speed in the decision-making processes with increased reliability
  • Results are displayed clearly and tailored to your requirements on the dashboard

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