Order Management in SAP

Sycor.OrderCockpit is the convenient solution for SAP order processing

SAP Auftragsverwaltung - SAP Auftragsabwicklung

The Sycor.OrderCockpit provides comprehensive support for order processing in your SAP system.

With the Sycor.OrderCockpit as the central, easy to use platform, you have an overview of all order processing elements. This allows you to optimize and speed up your business processes. A traffic light feature allows you to review the delivery status of all orders at a glance and perform a variety of actions, such as initiating deliveries or triggering invoices, without changing screens. In addition, you can monitor the production stages of the order.

The Sycor.OrderCockpit based on SAP ERP gives you an integrated tool for the complete, centralized management of order processing. The intuitive user interface can be readily customized to meet individual needs, and is integrated into your existing SAP system quickly.

You can access all important order processing functions directly from the Sycor.OrderCockpit.

You receive all current information on all customer data, such as the value of open orders and sales volume, or important credit management data such as open items, dunning status and credit limit. Comprehensive alert functions allow you to react quickly in case of production problems, with both the production status and the delivery status for your custom fabrication being displayed in a traffic light format.

For all voucher types such as quotations, orders and delivery plans, all common file formats can be uploaded as documents and linked to the vouchers. For example, scanned customer orders or drawings can be linked directly to the process.

Function overview

  • The central platform for all order processing elements
  • Traffic light feature for current delivery status
  • Overview of all customer data (sales, open order values, credit information)
  • Comprehensive alert functions

The Sycor.OrderCockpit ensures transparency and allows you to perform optimal planning, make informed decisions and save resources and costs in the process. At the same time, your delivery performance is improved, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Your advantages at a glance with sap order processing:

  • Initiate various actions without changing screens
  • Intuitive user interface which can be adapted to your individual needs
  • Link documents to the processes
  • Establish transparency
  • Direct access to all essential order processing functions

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