Plant Data Collection for your SAP System

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SAP BDE - Betriebsdatenerfassung in SAP - SAP PDC

Sycor.PDC is a software solution integrated with SAP that lets you collect and analyze plant data and import it into the SAP module for actual cost accounting. Time stamps can also be reported during production. Production employees can use simple input templates to enter individual time events such as production start/end times in the SAP system. Sycor.PDC uses these entries to create a complete timeline of a production lot and post it to the SAP system. Sycor.PDC is a plant data collection solution for your SAP system that has been proven in practice. It can be implemented quickly and expanded into a comprehensive MES solution (Sycor.MES) at any time.

Functional areas of SAP PDC:

  • Plant data collection (directly in SAP)
  • Personnel time allocation with SAP-HR integration
  • Quality data collection (for employee self-monitoring in SAP-QM)
  • Production control station (status report at plant level)
  • Production metrics (TEEP, total system efficiency, OEE)
  • SAP-CO transfer (production orders, make-to-stock production, internal orders, etc.)

Freely configurable information processing

You can use the Sycor.PDC configuration component to customize further processing of data in SAP. For example, you can define the standard SAP value to which you want the actual data to be posted for each workstation, record type or cause (multilevel model).

Personnel time allocation using a range of models

Sycor.PDC personnel time offers a variety of options for allocating personnel costs to cost centers in the production department. These scenarios include direct allocation per production system, multiple machine operation, stand-in staff, support staff and teamwork. These scenarios can also be combined. In the configuration component, you define for each time event whether the personnel time is calculated at 100%, 0% or prorated.

Production KPIs right out of the textbook

The Sycor.PDC KPI module lets you calculate well-known production metrics such as TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Productivity), GEFF (German abbreviation for total system efficiency) or OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). Individual components of these key performance indicators are displayed, including availability factor (usage level), performance factor (performance level) and quality factor. This also applies to workstations and individual production lots.

A special feature of this module is that it records adherence to schedules, a "new" key performance indicator. This metric is especially useful for companies that employ up-to-date continuous flow production strategies. It documents the JIT capabilities of isolated production departments.

Overview of your advantages with SAP PDC:

  • One integrated solution for PDC
  • Analysis function and ability to import data to SAP actual cost accounting
  • Variable personnel cost allocation for production
  • Transparent view of production KPIs
  • Customized further processing of data in SAP
  • Can be upgraded to a comprehensive MES solution

The scope of CO transfer is defined based on your company‘s needs. You can define data transfer in Sycor.PDC according to how actual cost accounting is structured in SAP. Data can be posted to all objects in SAP that are assignable to accounts – you decide which objects.

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