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Integration of the add-on solution Sycor.ProductionCockpit

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Firm control of complex planning and controlling processes in production

Everyday production planning and control in a manufacturing company is complex: employees in production and process planning have to ensure short lead times and adherence to schedules while guaranteeing good capacity utilization and minimal setup costs. If, in addition, it is necessary to consider special tools which often form a bottleneck, then optimal planning becomes a daily challenge for all employees.

The Sycor.ProductionCockpit (PPS system) based on SAP ERP gives you a planning tool integrated in SAP with functions such as characteristics-dependent sequence/campaign planning, integrated tool administration, capacity overviews and alert functions. The intuitive user interface can easily be adapted to your individual requirements. The tool can be implemented for use in your existing SAP system in a short amount of time.

Sycor.ProductionCockpit: transparent production planning and control in SAP

With the Sycor.ProductionCockpit, even a sales employee can obtain information at any time about the current production sequence and situation, and take corrective action if required. Direct access to the specific customer order or the current demand and inventory situation is provided as well. Convenient tool management is possible in production through SAP Standard Equipment with the automatic generation of maintenance orders. Capacity planning can be performed efficiently under consideration of tool resources and availability, and order networks can be fully integrated. Comprehensive alert functions ensure a prompt reaction in production.

Overview of your advantages with SAP production planning:

  • Attribute-dependent sequence and campaign planning
  • Capacity overview and tool management
  • Intuitive user interface which can be adapted to your individual needs
  • Transparency is created across department boundaries
  • The current demand and inventory situation can be determined
  • Comprehensive alert functions

You can optimize planning, make sound decisions, save on resources and reduce costs thanks to added transparency. At the same time, your delivery performance is improved, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

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